Why Reusable Swim Diapers Are A Must-Have For Travel

Let's be honest..travelling with a toddler can be a whole separate challenge on its own, let alone if you are planning to go on vacation. However exciting this venture can be, there's a whole list to prep and plan, which can overwhelm even the most masterful of multitaskers. To take at least one worry off your pre-vacation pressurized head, we have included a few pointers why reusable swim diapers are the vacation must have !

How do reusable swim diapers work?

For those of you who are hearing about these for the first time, cloth swim nappies are designed differently. A regular diaper acts as an absorbent, soaking in the liquids and preventing the solids from falling out. The role of the reusable diaper, however, is not to absorb liquid but to contain solids and, at the same time, allow liquids to escape through. Therefore, they don’t weigh heavy on your child’s body, which means they can wear it the whole day on the beach.

Why choose reusable diapers for travel?

There are many reasons why a reusable diaper is a better and more convenient choice for travelling with toddlers. Here are the most notable ones:

They’re more comfortable to wear

Children are known for getting fussy when feeling uncomfortable, and wearing regular diapers can easily become a problem. Cloth swim diapers, however, don’t absorb any liquid, which means they won’t get soaked in pee and water, so you have to change them every time your child decides to step out of the water for a 10-minute play in the sand. Keeping up with the mind of a sunburnt toddler means with disposables you'll spend much of your vacation elbow deep in that poolside change.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about choosing the right size because reusable swim diapers are designed to fit snugly and comfortably. So forget finding yourself in a supermarket lost in translation.


If caring for the environment is just as important to you as purchasing a quality product, cloth swim diapers are your best option. They prevent the amount of trash you would make with regular diapers, so they are a small step toward achieving your sustainability goal.

Travel Friendly

Lastly, the thing that makes these the best diapers for travel is that they are incredibly convenient to pack and use. You don’t need to take overszied packs of disposables, or spend much or your vacation time searching shops when you're finally caught short.... One or two would be just enough for the whole vacation. Simply wash them after a day spent on the beach or by the pool, and your child can wear them once again the next day.

Reusable baby diapers for travel are a very convenient choice for both you and your baby. You won’t need to pack a bag of regular nappies, and your child will be more comfortable in wearing a lightweight diaper. If you want to purchase this for your next family trip, you can choose between the designs we sell here. To receive news and updates about upcoming products, don’t forget to subscribe through your email.