5 Simple Reasons Why Reusable Swim Diapers Are Better Than Disposable Ones..

Like every environmentally conscious parent, searching for an eco friendly solution saves so much more than the future of our earth. These days more and more parents are looking for better cost alternatives. Continue reading to discover our top five reasons why reusable swim diapers are a more sustainable and safer option for your little one!


We know...the broken record of how much more economical they are. Yes, we are all into reusable diapers as you probably know by now, but financial pressures are growing that more and more are feeling the squeeze. From a 10$ orange juice to pre-set 30% tips, finding simple ways to budget is starting to get complicated ! 

An inescapable truth is that all public pools require infants to have some type of shield which can prevent a mass pool exodus....a little bit like a gob stopper to a poopie Jaws, paddle board scene and all. That's where we come in, a swim diaper which will stop your little one from becoming a chlorinated bio-weapon, oh and again...REUSABLE. Now getting rid of those common myths, washing machines have come a long long way since steaming cauldron washes, so washing swim diapers is also much easier than most think.

Skin Safe

Fact: Baby's skin is incredibly sensitive. All of a sudden you've found yourself tip-toeing around which product or fabric you can use next. To help prevent a burning tush hotter than that vacation sun, knowing which chemicals to stay away from isn't always so easy. 

Reusables are a simple nylon mesh shell, which keep everything where it should be. Now disposables are really absorbent, but they also absorb the other half of the swimming pool too, with a space age crytaline material which needs more than a PHD to pronounce. Simply put, keeping pool chemicals and all the other things which enter pools absorbed next to skin for extended periods of time leads to that nasty skin irritation.

Having something which allows water to flow through, while holding onto those solids let's the skin breath.

The Obvious...Eco Fr...

Toddlers never really seem to make up their minds- one minute, they want to be in the water, and the next, they’re out of it! If you consider how many times a day you should change, a disposable diaper tells you everything about how harmful they are to the environment. Reusable swim diapers can handle this back-and-forth situation, which makes them a great alternative.

They Offer More Protection

Another reason why reusable swim nappies should be your first choice is their ability to protect your little one from waterborne diseases. Unlike disposable swim diapers, which quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria once wet, cloth ones are designed to withstand even the soggiest conditions. They help keep your child safe and clean, preventing bacteria from affecting them. Besides, they also offer a more snuggly feel, preventing germs from getting in contact with the skin. This leads us to our final point…

Water Comfort

Reusable cloth swim diapers are, by far, the most adjustable alternative to regular swim nappies. The nylon mesh material used inside provides the utmost comfort, while the elastic waistband allows you to adjust the fit perfectly. Therefore, you will no longer have to worry whether your kid’s diaper is too tight or loose!

Overall, reusable swim diapers are a safer and more conscious purchase than regular disposable ones. If you are already amazed by their features, explore all the different designs we have here! To keep up with our latest product releases and news, don’t forget to subscribe through your email.